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We are proud to offer a very large selection of high quality pistol grips manufactured in the USA.  We have one of the largest selections of Colt 1911 grips that will also work on clones, such as Kimber, Springfield and Charles Daly, in addition to many other pistol grips that fit guns ranging from Beretta to Walther.  We have a variety of styles and colors, wood engraving and intricate scrimshaw designs.  We are also able to install silver or gold medallions on most of our Colt and Smith & Wesson grips.




Grip Panels:  We have different styles of grip panels as listed below.  The common denominator with any of the panels is that they come as a set with a right and left side, and they fit  the metal grip frame of your gun. They do not wrap around the grip frame. 


1) Classic Panel: Grips tend to be straight up and down;


2) Thin Panel: These grips are similar to the Classic Panels, except that the thickness of each of the panels is approximately half that of the Classic Panels;


3) Ultima Panel:  There is a groove on the top of both panels to accommodate your thumb on the one panel, and forefinger on the other panel. There is also a palm swell at the bottom of the grips which provides a more comfortable fit, and greater stability and accuracy when firing. There are no finger grooves.


Finger Groove Grips:  These grips wrap around the grip frame, and have molding for fingers below the trigger finger.  These grips usually provide a stronger grip compared to the panel grips. These grips are usually straight up and down on the sides and don't have any contouring,  thumbrest or palm swell.


Ultima Target Grips:  These grips combine the thumbrest of the Ultima Panel grips with the finger molding of the Finger Groove grips.  These grips wrap around the grip frame and are quite a bit larger than the standard Classic Panel grips, and therefore provide the greatest accuracy and are often used for target shooting, or for comfort with a large hand.


MATERIALS:  For most of our pistols we offer a variety of choices including simulated Pearl, Bonded Ivory and smooth or checkered Rosewood, Walnut and Silver/Black grips.


Checkered Grips:  Unless otherwise specified, the checkered grips are machine checkered and notched into the wood, and preferred by those wishing to cut down on slippage. The laser checkered grips have been discontinued, however, in some cases we still have a few of these grips available. With laser checkering the pattern is achieved with the use of a laser that skims the surface of the grips and the checkering is not cut very deep.


Simulated Pearl and Bonded Ivory grips

Simulated Pearl grips are made from a plastic polymer with luminescence similar to real Mother of Pearl and are often available in White, Pink and Black.

Bonded Ivory grips are made from a plastic polymer to enhance durability and look very much like real Ivory Tusk grips.  Often it is hard to tell the difference between Bonded Ivory and real Ivory grips, unless you look at the underside of the grips. 


Hogue Rubber, Fancy Wood and Checkered Fancy Wood grips

We offer Hogue Rubber and Hogue Wood grips. On our website, we refer to our Hogue Wood grips as Fancy Wood or Checkered Fancy Wood and are either Pau Ferro or Goncalo Alves as these are the most popular. For most pistols, the Hogue Rubber grips are available either as panels or as molded rubber monogrips with finger grooves. 




You are able to use your existing screws for most of our pistol grips.  In the few instances where a special screw is required for a grip, we will provide the screw.  Most grips screw to your pistol with top and bottom screws, however some are attached with only one screw through the center of the grips.