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Revolver Grips Overview

Our grips are all expertly crafted from high quality materials made here in the USA. We have a variety of styles and colors available to fit your diverse needs.

STYLES OF GRIPS: 1) Classic Panels slot into the grip frame; 2) Boot grips wrap around the grip frame with molding for two fingers below the pointer finger, and pinky hangs off the end of the grip; and 3) Oversize Finger Groove grips wrap around the grip frame with molding for all 3 fingers below the pointer finger, including the pinky.

MATERIALS: For most of our revolvers, we carry simulated Pearl and Bonded Ivory grips, as well as Rosewood, Walnut and Silver/Black grips. The Hogue Fancy Wood grips are generally either Pau Ferro or Goncalo Alves, which range from a medium to dark Walnut color. Pearl grips are often available in white, pink and black pearl and are made from a plastic polymer to enhance durability. Bonded Ivory grips are also made from a plastic polymer and look like real aged ivory. It is often hard to tell the difference between the Bonded Ivory and real ivory grips unless you look at the underside of the grips. We carry a large assortment of Hogue Finger Groove Rubber grips which are made from a molded rubber monogrip. For several guns we also carry the Hogue Rubber bantam grip, which is equivalent to a boot grip.

We supply screws for all of our revolver grips. Hogue grips generally have their own unique screw assembly mechanism that screws in from the bottom of the grips. Both the Altamont and Badger grips are secured by a screw that goes in through the side of the grips. The Badger Oversize Finger Groove grips have a blind screw, which goes in from the one side where it is visible, and screws into the inside of the second panel, and therefore not visible from the other side.